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Hi I like long walks on the beach... Well, I do. But this site is about my custom work (the work I do for clients where I customize art for them based on their life, via my huggable, lovable, quirky watercolor style) (Hey, I'm just using others' words. Personally, I think it's TOUGH, and SICK, and KILLER art, yo! At least that is the intent). More importantly my intent is to craft a piece for you that you can cherish, evoking your life and the things that are important to you. OR, if it's a gift, then evoking things that are important to them. I will study the content for your art by sending you a questionnaire, then I will maniacally get to work forming a concept from my abstract abyss of a brain, until I have made a sketch for you with an idea. I will revise the sketch for you endlessly (provided you actually have revisions) for no charge. Then, I will return to my Bat Cave and paint feverishly through the night until I have forged something that I feel will knock your socks off. I will present it to you, and If I don't knock your socks off, at least I know I worked my fingers to the bone trying to, and for the next several days I will wander my house in a robe eating ice cream out of the bucket, watching re-runs of FRIENDS and crying because I disappointed you.


Family or multiple character customs begin at $250, and depending on size and other elements, the price may raise. Individual character customs are $100. I will work with you. Payment plans are TOTALLY OKAY. A down payment of some sort is due upon agreement. To order, please carrier pigeon or email me at: